By section 24 of the constitution  of the federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), it is the duty of every Nigerian to make positive  and useful contributions  to the advancement,  progress and well-being of the community  where he resides.

The anti-corruption campaigns of the present administration will be strengthened when we become  more interested in budget monitoring.

The governor Yahaya Bello led administration has not been fair to the good people of Kogi State simply because we have neglected our responsibility  of monitoring the budgetary allocation and provisions of the government.

From this pull-out from the 2017 budget of Kogi State,  it is clear that Yahaya Bello has raped kogites of our common patrimony.

Government House Budget 2017

22020104 - International Travel and Transport – others-(600,000,000)


- Travelling Allowances (70,000,000),

22020112 - Expenses incidental to governor’s tour  (700,000,000).

The above is an evidence of duplication.

22020402 - Maintenance of office furniture and fittings,  (60,000,000),

22020403 - Maintenance of office building/ residential qtrs. (200,000,000),

22020439 - Up-keep of government house, (150,000,000),

22020502 - International training (100,000,000),

22020601- Security services (100,000,000),

22020604- Security votes (including operations)  (8,000,000,000),

22020605 - Cleaning and fumigation services (100,000,000),

22020669 - Expenses incidental to her Excellency’s tour (340,000,000), this is an office not known to law. We will meet in Court on this.

22020679 - Office and general expenses (600,000,000),

2202775 -   Special security expenses (230,000,000),

22021001 -  Refreshment, meals and hospitality (400,000,000),

22021004 -  Medical expenses/refund (local) (50,000,000),

22021077 - Overseas treatment (50,000,000),

220221103 - New direction activities expenses (126,000,000),

22021104 -  Office of dg research and speech writing (100,000,000),

22021201 -  Special adviser’s office expenses (imprest) (100,000,000), 

For the following projects kogites we all should check if Any of these projects are ongoing as stipulated in the 2017 budget of Kogi State.

0006000001 (0112) -Construction of mini town hall in lokoja including installation of communication gadgets (1,500,000,000),

0013000003(0201) Government house mini works (direct labour (250,000,000),

0001000004(0101) Rehabilitation/equipping of central mechanic workshop in lokoja (50,000,000),

0017000001(0147) Ongoing reconstruction of kabba township road phase1(300,000,000),

0017000001(0175) Rehabilitation of koton karfe township road ll (4.46km) (100,000,000),

0017000001(0176) Asphalt overlay of iyamoye-jege-ijowa road to isanlu (71km) (1,000,000,000),

0017000001(0190) Fly-over bridge at ganaja junction, lokoja (0), this was not given any budgetary provision.

0017000001(0199) Construction of ekinrin ade/ohun/ife-olukotun road/ekinrin-ade township road (500,000,000),

Renovation of government lodges across the state (700,000,000).

This pull-out is mainly as it affect Kogi West senatorial district and our people should begin to check if any of the above listed project have been executed or ongoing in the district, yet there was budgetary provision and the 2017 budget have just two months to expire.

We must rescue Kogi State from this Dictator who publicly admitted in a program transmitted by AIT yesterday that he is a dictator. We all put together are bigger than Yahaya Bello and his directionless Govt. if I die I die. We must recover our state from thieves and economic termites. No amount of blackmail,lies,intimidation and harassment will detract my attention from championing responsible and fiscal discipline. Pay our workers NOW!!!!!!We shall overcome.